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Here’s What Happens When a Man Eats Period Blood

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What Happens When a Man Eats Period Blood

In this article, you’re going to learn What Happens When a Man Eats Period Blood. A Blood Spells for Love to make your man love you forever.

In the past menstrual blood was thought to possess dangerous and evil powers. Thus, in some cultures, women were secluded in a special period huts. Menstruating women were not allowed to prepare food, or to enter sacred spaces.

Menstrual blood was used to treat different medical affections, such as gout and rabies. But in today’s world, this fluid lost its mystical properties and has been trivialized by modern medicine. Even though the biological details about menstruation have been discovered long ago, modern witches still believe in the power of the menstruum.

This magical body fluid is used in the Hoodoo tradition, as well as in Sicilian folk-magic to awaken sexual desires in a man.

How can this life-giving liquid not be magical? Menstrual or not, blood is a powerful ingredient in spells, used in witchcraft traditions from all over the world.

The following article depicts some of the most common uses of menstrual blood in witchcraft, as well as some examples of blood spells for love. Read further to find out What Happens When a Man Eats Period Blood.


Uses of menstrual blood in love spells

Menstrual blood is believed to have powers to attract certain things into a witch’s life. It is mostly used for drawing love, lust, passion, sexual desire, fertility, and abundance.

Witches use menstrual blood to dress candles, make charms and talismans, draw sigils and symbols on ritual objects, and anoint and empower magical tools.

It can also be used as a perfume, made by following Alister Crawley’s recipe from The Book of the Law.

 “For perfume mix meal & honey & thick leavings of red wine: then oil of Abramelin and olive oil, and afterward soften & smooth down with rich fresh blood.” 

Another witchy way to use period blood is divination. Some witches discovered how to make predictions and read the symbols that menstrual blood is forming. Some practitioners also add it to food or drinks, that are later served to the charmed-to-be person.

The main power the menstruum has is its magnetism, as it is believed to attract love and sexual desires when used in rituals.


Feeding a man menstrual blood

Although unsanitary and ethically incorrect, some witches choose to feed their men with their menstrual discharge, without them knowing about it. This is practiced for assuring fidelity and high libido.

Here’s a confession made by a woman who cooks with menstrual blood for her husband:

 “Everyone is saying that am doing the wrong thing by cooking my husband food with my period. Maka why! Let me give u my reason. My auntie has been doing it and she is married for 12 yrs. She and her husband are in peace though they Don’t have kids yet but her husband is not even talking of second wife. Since I got married, I can beat my chest and say my husband av never misbehaved outside. He practically worships the feet I work on. I make his food special. I know it’s wrong but I don’t think it’s poisonous. If that is way my marriage will be intact, I have no regrets. Am a very emotional being. I might die if my heart is ever broken. Who are you people to judge me?” 

There are countless confessions like this on forums all over the internet, all surrounded by controversy. 

At the end of the day, it is you who decides what to do with your menstrual blood. But feeding it to an unknowing person might not be the way to go. This is a decision that implies 2 people, so it should be made as a couple, after discussing all the details together.


Here are 3 Blood Spells for Love and How to Cast them:

1. Menstrual blood magic

The energy that menstrual blood contains is exclusively Yin energy. Pure feminine, Venusian vibrations can be successfully incorporated in magical workings to gain confidence, to empower femininity and fertility. It is a symbol of motherhood, female sexuality, and power.

It can be incorporated in rituals for property or family protection, as it invokes the energies of the universal mother. There are a lot of magical uses of menstrual blood, all very effective, but for some reason, people are still choosing to feed it to other people to bind them.

Here are some examples of love spells using menstrual blood as an ingredient.


3 Ingredients Love spell with menstrual blood

This spell is designed to work on an existing relationship. You can cast it to overcome some obstacles you and your partner are encountering. If your relationship needs some improvements here and there, cast this spell, after discussing it with your beloved about it.


  • a piece of paper
  • a pen
  • a couple of drops of period blood


Write the name of your lover on the piece of paper and visualize the aspects you want to enhance your relationship. For instance, let’s say you want to have a more active sex life with your lover. In this case, you will visualize how the two of you engage in intercourse more often. Try to imagine as many details as you can, making the image in your mind as real as possible. Take your time and focus on your desire.

After finishing with this step, move on to collecting a couple of drops of your menstruum. Be sure to use a sanitary method, such as a sterile Q-tip or compress.

Finally, draw a pentagram with your blood over the name of your lover.


2. Love Spell Jar with Menstrual Blood

A spell jar is very easy to make, and a very effective way to obtain what your heart desires. The key to making a successful love spell jar is to use the right ingredients to match your intention, making it as personal as you can. Therefore, adding menstrual blood to such a spell will guarantee its victorious outcome.

Be sure you are harvesting the herbs in the ingredients list by yourself. Try to use only natural and pure ingredients. Working with store-bought items might compromise the energies you are trying to work with.


  • 3 Red roses
  • 1 Carnation
  • A Half of a red apple
  • Honey
  • Menstrual blood
  • Personal items to match your intention
  • A glass container
  • A red candle



Add all ingredients, one by one in your glass container, visualizing what each and every one of them is going to do for your relationship. For example:

 “The red roses will enhance passion between me and my husband. Our love will grow stronger each day.

The carnation will drive off conflicts between us.

The menstrual blood will increase our chances to have a baby together.”

Do this for every ingredient added in the glass container, either by chanting or by simply thinking about it.

After you finish adding all ingredients, start visualizing your goal as vividly as you can. Picture how the love problems you are having are simply gone. Imagine you and your lover in perfect harmony, and the love that binds you together becoming more powerful.

Lastly, place your red candle on top of the sealed love spell jar. Light your candle and gaze into the flame as you think about your desire one more time before completing the spell. Let the candle burn down, and its wax drip down the glass jar, to form a magical seal. Store your jar somewhere in your house, or display it as an ornament.


3. Simple candle love spell with menstrual blood

You will only need a pink or red candle for this, and of course a couple of drops of your menstrual discharge. You can also use a needle to inscribe some relevant symbols on the candle or write your name and your lover’s name.



  • a red or pink candle
  • a couple of drops of menstrual blood
  • a needle (optional)



For this spell, you have to dress the candle with your menstrual blood, starting from the bottom and working your way to candlewick.  If you decided to use the needle to engrave symbols into the wax of the candle, do it after dressing the candle in menstrual blood.

Be mindful of the power you are putting in this spell, by smearing your very essence of the candle. Think about your goal and what you hope to achieve with this spell. Feel how your lover gets closer to you, how he is longing for you. Imagine how your life will change as a couple, and what aspects you are improving with this spell.

Light the candle and let it burn thoroughly, as you gaze into the flame and work with your mind to accomplish your goal. Concentrate and keep visualizing until the candle burns down, if possible. Using a tea light instead of a pillar candle makes this step a lot easier.



Menstrual blood is the most controversial bodily fluid. It was or still is, considered a taboo in a lot of cultures and it was believed to possess strange and harmful powers. Even if these rudimental misconceptions disappeared from our modern society, witches keep using it in magical rituals due to its abilities to attract love.

Menstrual blood is so much more than just a love spell ingredient. It celebrates maternity and womanhood. It is indeed a magical fluid.

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