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5 Best Video Baby Monitors for Twins 2020

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If you’re shopping for the Best Video Baby Monitors for Twins in 2020, not sure which one to pick, here are the top best monitors and how to choose.

Finding the best video baby monitor for twins needs a keen eye because twins mean double worries.

Watching 2 babies at the same time means a video baby monitor with a wide-angle lens or a monitor that can pair with more than a single child camera at a go. Still, additional features like a split-screen are invaluable. Video baby monitors are your third eye.

Remember, beyond the joy of bringing home your twins, there is the worry of looking after them.

Honestly, finding such a product can be tricky. It takes time to understand which baby monitor works for your experience.

Stop stressing; we have a solution. Video baby monitor for twins!

Today, we introduce the most sought after baby monitors for twins you can buy in 2020. Monitors will let you sleep peacefully.

We save you the trial and error situation; we take you through the necessary features you need to consider, and our 5 top picks.

Here is the sneak peek:

Let’s now justify our pick.

The Top 5 Best Video Baby Monitor for Twins 2020:

1. Babysense Baby Monitor – Overall Best

Babysense Baby Monitor



The Babysense Baby Monitor is a true PTZ baby monitor. Best of all, you have an opportunity to rotate the camera remotely. You can turn the cameras sideways up to 350°.

Still, you can move it up and down to an angle of 70°. I believe this is satisfactory coverage of any room.

And if you want to have a close look at your precious babies, you got a 2X zoom.

Another noteworthy feature is its large display. It comes with a large 5″ LCD display with a 720p resolution. So all the images you receive are in High Definition.

Both day and night, you get to watch over your baby. Night images are not colored. But the IR night vision ensures that you get all essential details without struggling.

Like other monitors on this list, it comes with two cameras. However, the monitor system allows pairing up to 4 cameras. Thus, an ideal camera for twins or multiple babies.

The connection is wireless, but not Wi-Fi. So no security risks. Just enjoy a stable connection up to 960ft.

Like other monitors, you get the lullaby function, temperature fluctuation alert, power-saving mode, and the two-way communication feature.


  • The two cameras offer a wide coverage area

  • The pan and tilt features allow you to get a perfect viewing angle

  • Longer battery life

  • HD screen for better visual effect

  • Multiple setting for sound activation


  • The camera speaker sounds somewhat horrible

2. Motorola Video Baby Monitor – High-Quality Image and a Large Display

Motorola Video Baby Monitor


The Motorola Video Baby Monitor is suitable for its bird’s eye view. It comes with 2 cameras, and it has a split-screen function.

Simply put, you can see feeds from both cameras on the same screen at the same time.

The real-time videos you receive are through the 5″ LCD color screen on the parent monitor. The images are stable and clear, thanks to the 2.4 GHz FHSS wireless technology.

Be careful, Wi-Fi, microwaves, other devices, and obstructions can affect pairing within the range of communication.

Another exciting feature in the Motorola video baby monitor is its highly sensitive microphones. They pick any slightest sound in your baby’s room and alert you instantly.

Similarly, the inbuilt speakers are clear, and they transmit sound without distortion. You can talk to your baby to soothe them (2-way communication).

The pan-tilt-zoom feature allows you to adjust the viewing angle of both cameras remotely through the parent unit.

The sad part is this camera doesn’t come with motion sensors. So if the baby wakes up and doesn’t move, you won’t get an alert. For a camera of its price, it is fair to have the feature.


  • Extended range of operation – 300meters

  • Functional split screen feature

  • Automatic screen shut-off feature saves battery

  • Quality of the camera is decent

  • Images and audio are decent


  • The night vision is a bit grainy

  • Lacks a motion sensor

3. LBtech Video Baby Monitor – Budget-friendly Option

LBtech Video Baby Monitor


The LBtech Video Baby Monitor is a plug and plays monitor. Therefore, it is very easy to install and use the monitor.

Remember, you do not need Wi-Fi or internet to operate it either. So you don’t worry about hackers or any other security concerns. Still, it doesn’t come with an app.

When you buy the LBtech baby monitor, you get two cameras. This is convenient if you have twins.

It is worth noting that a single parent unit can pair with up to 4 baby cameras. So if you have multiple kids, it can help.

The digital transmission is stable, allowing you to view your baby in real-time. You get to see the footage on the color 4.3” Large LCD display. Color reproduction is accurate, during the day, while the infrared night vision delivers black and white, but clear images at night.

You can 2X zoom the images to focus on a particular aspect in your twins’ room. The speakers are highly sensitive and clear, making two-way communication enjoyable. Thus, you can talk to them as well as hear their cries, giggle, or any sounds.

Sadly, the baby monitor doesn’t come with an option to pan or tilt.

Nonetheless, you get access to essential features like;

Long transmission range of up to 1000 feet in an open space

Power saving mode, i.e., the screen turns in case of sound detection – 8 hours (Vox Mode On).

Adjustable Brightness and Volume

360° manual rotation


  • Excellent battery life and even better with the battery saving mode called VOX

  • Images reproduction is almost real

  • Range is okay

  • It comes with a power cord, which gives you all time power alternative


  • The power cords are very short

4. Vmai video Baby Monitor – Lifetime Warranty

Vmai video Baby Monitor


In addition to the 4.3″ high-quality LCD display, the Vmai video baby monitor offers an auto-switch infrared night vision. Essentially, you get real-time video and audio day and night.

You’ll appreciate the stability of the signal as well as the range. The 2.4GHz wireless digital transmission justifies the 300 meters range. The images are stable, high definition, and detailed.

The 2x zoom allows you to get a closer look at your baby or its environment, while the 360 degrees is ideal for checking out the baby’s surrounding.

Remember, the parent unit is accompanied by 2 cameras. Therefore, if you have 2 babies, probably twins, you can focus a single camera on each one of them. This gives you a much better way to monitor twins simultaneously.

But then again, the parent unit can support up to 4 cameras at the same time.

According to users, this Vmai baby monitor has unmatched sound clarity. It merely means you can hear clearly any sounds in your child’s room. Similarly, your child will listen to you when you communicate through the two-way talkback audio function.

Most parents appreciate the idea that they can monitor the room temperature with this video baby monitor. It means that they maintain a suitable room temperature throughout the day and night.

Other helpful features are:

Built-in lullabies

Motion detection

Lifetime warranty


  • The clarity of pictures and sound is beyond expectation

  • The monitor gives multiple ways of operating it

  • User instructions are clear making it easier to use the camera

  • Lightweight hence portable


  • You cannot remotely adjust the cameras

5. Video Baby Monitor by MoonyBaby – Value for Money

Video Baby Monitor by MoonyBaby


Moonybaby Video Baby Monitor is another plug and plays monitor. Essentially, the camera connects automatically to the display. So no hassles about installation. Within the package, you also get a wall mount. Just follow the instruction guide for proper installation.

The connection is wireless, but not with Wi-Fi or internet. Your footage remains safe.

What’s impressive, though, is the crystal clear transmission you get. All images are stable and richly colored. This is partly due to the high-resolution 4.3-inch display, and partly due to the strong wireless network.

The signal can go up 1000ft in an open space. So if you are busy outdoors, you still can see how your baby is faring on in their room.

You can manipulate the images using the remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions if you need to get more details.

Remember, this Moonbaby video baby monitor comes with 2 cameras. Besides, it packs a split-screen function. Therefore, you can simultaneously stream two videos on the same screen at the same time.

However, with this feature, you only get audio from one camera.

Other features are room temperature monitoring, two-way communication, comforting night light, and 5 built-in lullabies


  • Both day and night picture quality is wonderful

  • Long battery life

  • Nice and easy to use split-screen

  • The range remains excellent as long as you do not cover the antennae


  • Loud built-in lullabies especially on the parent unit

  • No option of turning the VOX off

Buyers Guide: How to Pick the Best Video Baby Monitor for Twins

The market is full of video baby monitors, no doubt about it. You can walk into any baby shop and buy, or you can simply order online.

The question is, will they function as you want?

Most parents get disappointed after buying baby monitors—reason: disappointment after disappointment.

Poor battery life, weak signal, wanting signal range, poor night vision, etc. Honestly, this defeats the reason for buying the baby monitor.

Don’t fall prey to marketing strategies. Keep the following consideration in mind.

Split-Screen vs. Full-Screen View

The split-screen feature is vital if you are using multiple cameras. Some baby monitor display units can show videos from multiple cameras on the same screen simultaneously (split-screen). However, for others, you have to adjust the feed manually from one camera to another.

Monitoring twins isn’t easy. You probably might have two cribs, therefore, 2 cameras. In this case, a split-screen feature very essential. With just one display unit, you can view your twin babies side by side.

Night vision

Parents want to be aware of what is happening to their babies all the time. That means your camera should be on 24 hours a day. In this case, the night vision is essential.

The best video baby monitor usually has a night vision. They’ll stream clear footage in low light intensity.

Battery life

By now, you should know that battery life is a significant determinant of whether you get footage all day long or not.

Ideally, a monitor that drains the battery quickly means you need to charge the battery continually. Undoubtedly, this limits your movements and defeats the purpose.

Always look for the best battery life.


Can a single display unit of the baby monitor support more than one camera?

On a general note, getting a multi-camera is better than a single camera. With a single unit, you can see what is happening in different places at the same time.

Again, if you buy a multi-digital camera, you get additional important features like movement sensors and night vision. Such tech features give you accurate footage.

Signal and range

Some video baby monitor usually loses the signal intermittently. In this case, the video won’t be clear, and you may miss important events.

The best video baby monitor for twins must cover the entire house. The signal shouldn’t be weak, and the footage must remain clear all the time.

Modern video baby monitors with smartphone App have unlimited range.

Size of the screen

The screen size matters, but it not essential. A large screen picks up more details in most cases. That implies that the viewing area might be larger. With just a glance, you can see what your baby is doing.

Nonetheless, some baby cameras have smaller but clearer screens.


Video baby monitors are invaluable. They not only allow you to listen but also lets you see your babies when you are in a different room. Who wouldn’t be at peace when they hear the giggles and laughter of their twins whenever they need?

Though small, they are lifesaving.

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