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18 Unique Just Because Gifts for Her She’ll Dearly Appreciate

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The women in our lives are so special, and sometimes we want to remind them just how important they are to us. After all, it’s not just on birthdays, anniversaries, and major holidays that we appreciate our gals! A gift on a random Monday night or Friday afternoon can be a great pick-me-up during a hard time, an extra surprise after a fun day, or just a nice way to remind her how much you love her. However, finding that unique, just-because gift can be tricky, so here are a few ideas for sweet gifts that any woman would be happy to receive. 


1. Super-sized LuxSpa Bath Bombs

This LuxSpa Bath Bombs Gift Set offers six extra large, individually wrapped bath bombs that make a great addition to a warm, relaxing soak in the tub. Each bath bomb has a different scent, including Energy Grapefruit, Vanilla Indulgence, and more. They are handmade, natural, organic, and vegan, meaning that even our animal-loving ladies will love this set! Each bath bomb is made with essential oils and dead sea salts, so a soak in a LuxSpa bath means smooth, soft, exfoliated skin. This set will have her bubbling with joy! The entire set of six is only $12.34, a great price for a luxurious product.



2. Cypress Home Black Ink Good Morning Beautiful Mug

Everybody loves a nice, steaming cup of coffee in the morning, and what better to drink it from than a mug that reminds her of her beauty and your love? This slightly over-sized mug holds 18 ounces of coffee (or tea, or whatever warm beverage she might enjoy!) and is made from durable ceramic. The black-on-white cursive print, reading “Good Morning Beautiful,” is simple but elegant. As an added bonus, the mug is both dishwasher and microwave safe, which means no hassle! You can purchase it here for $14.99.




3. Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment

This gorgeous assortment of teas would pair well with the Good Morning Beautiful mug, but it’s such a nice set that it would make a great stand-alone gift, as well. Each box comes with ten handcrafted pyramid tea infusers–in other words, ten tea bags that have a really unique shape! The assortment offers some time-tested favorites, like earl grey and jasmine green, as well as some new and fun flavors to try, like chamomile citron and black currant. It will look like you spent an arm and a leg at a tea shop picking out this beautiful assortment when the entire box actually costs $16.76.



4. ULTRAIDEAS Soft Yarn Cable Knitted Slippers

Sometimes, after a long day at work, your lady might want to throw off her work shoes immediately and slip into something more comfortable! These cable-knit slippers are the perfect post-work footwear. Their memory foam ensures that she’ll be walking on clouds, and the slip-resistant rubber soles allow her to wear them indoors and out. Whether she wants to curl up on the couch or hang out on the porch, these comfortable slippers are the perfect fit! Their faux-fur lining adds an extra touch of cute femininity. They range from $17.99-$21.99, depending on size and color.



5. KEDRIAN To My Love Necklace

Itching to give her a diamond but not ready to pop the big question? This simple diamond-pendant necklace is the perfect solution. With a dainty sterling silver chain, this necklace will go with any outfit, whether she’s wearing her everyday work clothes or elegant evening wear. In case this necklace wasn’t great, already, the chain is nickel-free, which means she won’t have to worry about that funny green stain some jewelry leaves on the skin! Plus, she’ll never believe it was only $27.90.



6. Jstyle Women’s Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

Does she love the necklace and need earrings to match? This set of six pairs of cubic zirconia earrings will allow her to pick from six different sizes of stud-earrings, so she can decide how much she wants her lobes to sparkle! They may not be real diamonds, but no one would ever know, she would never have to fret too much about losing them, and you won’t have to pay real-diamond prices! You can get the entire set of six for only $7.99.



7. LAGHCAT Mermaid Tail Blanket

Have you ever heard your lady mention how much she wishes she could be a mermaid? Now she doesn’t have to wish any longer, with this delightfully silly crocheted blanket! The ribbed pattern and multi-colored yarn create a fin-like effect, and the orlon-cotton blend lends softness and comfort to this cute blanket. In case you’re not sold already, your purchase comes with a silver necklace with a mermaid pendant, so your favorite woman can live out her mermaid fantasy on the go! Together, the necklace and blanket cost $16.85.



8. Red Embossed Heart Writing Journal

Writing is a great way to relieve stress, preserve memories, and express yourself. At 5 by 7 inches, this petite journal will allow her to write down her thoughts, her poetry, her grocery list–whatever she likes to write down!–on the go. The red cover is simple and classy, so she could even use it at work, and the subtle heart embossed in the middle will remind her of you and how much you love her! Get it here for $10.47.



9. Nicole Miller Mini Nail Polish Set

Sometimes she wants a mani-pedi, but it doesn’t quite fit into her budget or schedule. This set of 15 vibrant, metallic polishes will give her tons of options for that free touch-up mani-pedi between trips to the salon. The small bottles mean she won’t be stuck forever with a color she wishes she didn’t have in her bathroom cabinet, but the wide variety means she might fall in love with one, two, or all of them! And don’t worry, you can find full sizes of these colors on Amazon! Get the mini nail polish set here for $18.99–and if you really want to impress her, try painting her nails for her!

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10. Flaura & Fauna Adult Coloring Book

You may have noticed that coloring books for adults have become all the rage. That’s because coloring is a relaxing, low-stakes way to express artistic flare–even for those ladies who aren’t great at drawing or painting! This beautiful adult coloring book, illustrated by Karen Sue Chen, offers 38 original drawings that are intricate enough to present a challenge to the adult coloring-fiend, but not so complicated that they’re impossible to finish. Some of these adult coloring books have gotten quite expensive, but this beautiful work of art can be purchased here for only $12.34!



11. Creative Art Canvas Print Reproduction of Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom”

In case she’s not the art-making kind, and more of the art-appreciating kind, here’s a gorgeous reproduction of Van Gogh’s famous painting, “Almond Blossom,” that would make a perfect addition to any living room, bedroom, or kitchen. The print stands at 20 by 24 inches and comes wrapped, gallery-style, around a wooden frame that is ready to be mounted on the wall. You can get the classic blue background, true to the original painting, or change it up with a red, green, or purple background for something more unique! Give her a famous piece of artwork for only $25.00.



12. YINUO LIGHT Scented Candle Gift Set

You may have noticed there are a lot of assorted gift sets on this list, and that’s because an assortment guarantees your lady will enjoy at least one component of your unique just because of gifts for her! This set of natural soy wax candles offers four different scents, including lavender and Mediterranean fig, in four beautiful tins. Each scent is carefully crafted to deliver aromatherapy and stress relief, making them the perfect addition to a nice, relaxing evening with her favorite man. The entire set costs $15.99.



13. 2 pack Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Tumbler with Lid

Do you and your lady ever tailgate before the big game or the outdoor concert? Is she really more of a wine drinker than a beer drinker? These cute stemless wine tumblers are the perfect solution to drinking wine outdoors! They’re unbreakable and double insulated, so even those chilled whites and blends will stay chilled on hot summer days. Plus, their marbled design lends some class to your outdoor event! The 2 pack costs $19.99.



14. Nodykka Women’s Tote Bag

Every woman needs a good, reliable tote bag. They can hold practically everything, and they’re much more stylish than a backpack! This pebbled faux-leather tote bag comes in over a dozen colors, so you can get one in her favorite color, and it looks like a designer bag! Everyone will be asking her where she got it, and she’ll be proud to say that you picked it out for her! Get it for only $14.42.



15. Pantry Pineapple Kitchen Dish Towel Set

Whether she’s living with you, with her girlfriends, or on her own, these fun and funky dish towels will brighten up her kitchen–and her day! The pineapple is a sign of welcome, and you can make this gift a little sweeter by showing her you feel welcome in her kitchen by cooking her dinner! The set of four costs $12.95.



16. Zyllion Shiatsu Kneading Massage Pillow

This is by far the most expensive thing on the whole list, but it just might be worth it! This massage pillow can be used on the neck, back, calves, thighs, and feet, and is about half the price of one professional massage. In addition to massaging with electric rolling balls, the pillow has the option to turn on a heating mechanism, which can add the extra punch to a great massage. Whether she’s on her feet or at a desk all day, she could probably use a good massage! The pillow costs $49.95.



17. Rupi Kaur’s “The Sun and Her Flowers”

This recent collection of poetry is a wonderful gift for any woman, whether or not she’s an avid poetry fan. Kaur’s writing is simple yet meaningful, and each poem serves as a little dose of inspiration. Naturally, your lady turns to you when she needs a little help feeling uplifted, but sometimes the words of another woman are essential–and she’ll appreciate that you recognized that! Get the collection for $12.74.


18. 5 Pairs of Women’s Puppy Socks

Socks aren’t such a boring gift when they have cute puppies on them! These just-above-the-ankle socks are fun and adorable. With the little puppy faces right at the top, she can choose to share her silly style with the world by pairing these socks with sneakers or save that silliness as her own secret under a pair of boots. Either way, they’ll be sure to make her smile! Forget how you felt when you got a pack of tube socks for your birthday–these are way more fun! Get the pack of 5 for $8.99.



No matter what the occasion, she deserves the world, and these just because gifts are sweet and simple ways to show that you’re always thinking of her! You don’t have to break the bank to make her happy, and hopefully, this list gave you some inspiration and guidance for the next time you want to surprise her!