How to Do Magic Spells for Beginners That Work Immediately


Want to Master How to Do Magic Spells for Beginners That Work Immediately? Want it easy in simple steps?

Are you a beginner who does not know how to do magic spells? You can quite the search now as I am going to tell you all you need to know about magic spells as a beginner. The truth about magic spells that you need to be aware of as a beginner is that some magic spells work really fast. On the other hand, some magic spells are just so slow naturally.

Today I would love to discuss with you some magic spells that work immediately, like the magic spell for your crush and the magic spell for confidence. We would also talk about magic spells for getting a job. If you feel you are stuck in a position at work and you need a promotion, we are also going to talk about a magic spell for job promotion. And lastly, we would talk about a magic spell for guilt.

I am giving you all these magic spells for free that really work, the least you can do is just read them and use them to solve your problems. You need to bear in mind that this magic spells would only work for you when you believe they would. If you know you do not believe these magic spells would work for you, please do not attempt it, because it would not work for you. So without further ado, let us jump right into this adventure of spell casting.


Magic Spell for your Crush

First and foremost, on my list of how to do magic for beginners that work immediately is this magic spell for love. The magic spell for your crush is one of the many magic love spells for beginners I would be talking about in this article. Having a crush can be interesting, exciting, disappointing and everything in-between. When you have a crush who does not seem to really notice you, that can really stress you out. But when you have a magic spell for love that can make your crush love you, then you are on your way to victory.

There are so many magic spells you can cast to attract your crush to you that work immediately. But out of the many I am bringing to you a very simple love spell you can cast as a beginner. You can easily attempt this love spell as a beginner. But you may require quite a lengthy list of ingredients to perform this spell.

The ingredients you need for casting this spell includes red candles, an oil base, a cinnamon stick, dried apple, a part of a rose flower, rosemary, incense, a bottle or a jar, and rose quartz. To perform this spell, light up the red candles, and use the candles to put on the incense. Then you take the jar or the bottle whichever you prefer and put the oil base in it. Then add the cinnamon stick, the dried apple, the part of a rose flower, rosemary, and the rose quartz and shake it up.

When everything is in place in the jar, before you close it up, say this chant, “love you today, love you tomorrow, love you forever as I always have, when you see me love me today, love me tomorrow, love me forever as I always did.” Then cover up the jar. Use this concoction as a cream for three days. During these three days do not let your crush see you or else the spell would be neutralised.


Magic Spell for Confidence

Are you feeling down? Do you feel shy a lot? Or are you struggling with confidence in yourself? Then you can try out this magic spell for confidence and regain confidence in whatever it is you have lost confidence in.

I know as a beginner that you are, you are not experienced with spells so I would be giving you a simple confidence spell.

Basically, magic spells for confidences are not hard to cast, they are really easy to cast since no third party is involved.

The ingredients that you need to cast a magic spell for confidence are also easy to get. In this magic spell for the confidence, I would be showing you today, you would need ingredients like 1 yellow or purple candle, any of your favourite essential oil, a mirror and a pen and paper.

To perform this spell, sit or stand in front of the mirror then light up the purple candle. Then on the paper, write as many good things that you have done on the paper. Then while still in front of the mirror, anoint your wrist, your forehead and your neck with the oil. Then stare into your eyeballs in the mirror and say this chant, “fire, air, earth and water, I was made or a purpose, I was made to be a beauty and a light to this world, remind everyone of my light.”

After the chant, just place the paper on the mirror with tape and read it every night before you go to bed. You should also read it in the morning after waking up. And then you are all done. Note that this spell is best casted on a Sunday evening.


Magic Spell for Getting a Job

With the current state of unemployment all over the world, there is an urgent need for help. Perhaps you are on your way to getting the job of your dreams and you feel as though it is just so far away.

You can cast a “magic spell for getting a job” to secure it.
This spell is very easy to cast, and as a beginner, you would find it even easier and fun. To cast a magic spell for getting a job, you will need a green candle.

Yes, just a green candle. To perform the spell, go to a quiet place and light up the candle. Stare into the flames and repeat this chant, “A good job is waiting for me, your bright light is searching for a place for me, I have complete faith in you.” Then snuff out the flame of the candle.

Note that this spell is best casted on a Sunday evening. And also, while you are casting this spell, make sure you are visualising yourself working in a fine establishment while you are staring into the flame of the candle. You should repeat this spell until you get a job, or until the candle burns out.


Magic Spell for Job Promotion

There is also a beginner magic spell for job promotion. Basically, I want you to bear in mind that there is a spell for everything. How your mind can believe a spell is what determines if the spell would work for you or not.

To cast a magic spell for job promotion, you are going to need a yellow taper candle, gold and green glitter, a pin, honey and a lighter. It might be quite a list of ingredient but you can be sure that they work just like magic because it is magic. Winks! To cast the spell, take the honey, dip the pin in it and use it to write your name on the taper candle.

Then sprinkle the green glitter on a plate and roll the candle in it then shake it off. If the glitter is too much, the candle could catch fire. Make use of the lighter to light the candle. Then say this chant, “I call on the forces of purity and light, life me up and cause my promotion so that I can make more money, I say this by the power in fire and honey.”

Then you are all done, just put out the candle and wait for your promotion as soon as possible.


Magic Spell for Guilt

Last but not the least, as a beginner; I would like to introduce you to one more last magic spell for free that really works. And that is the magic spell for guilt. Maybe you were treated badly and you want the person that treated you badly to feel guilty, then you can cast this magic spell for guilt on them.

What you need to cast this spell includes a candle, a bottle or a jar, a voodoo doll, a stone, a black cloth, bat’s blood ink and the picture of the person you are trying to cast the spell on.

Now to cast this magic spell for guilt, take the voodoo doll and place it in the jar together with the picture of the person you want to cast this spell on.

On the piece of stone, write with the bat’s blood ink, “guilt.”

Place the stone in the jar too. Then lighter and light the candle, then cover the person’s picture, the stone and the voodoo doll in the jar with the candle wax.

After this repeat this chant twice, “you have gone wrong and you know it, relentless spirit and a tortured mind are what you will fell.”

After you have repeated the chant twice, then cover the jar with a black cloth and take the jar to a crossroad and bury it there. As soon as the jar is buried, the person would start feeling guilt heavily.