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How to Flirt With Aries Man Over Text to Get Him Text Back

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How to Flirt With Aries Man Over Text, what to text him to get his attention, How to make him miss you, and here’s What an Aries man wants to hear.

But what if you have been exchanging texts for a couple of days and items are starting to get a little too flat.

Time to switch it up, then; it is time to take things a notch higher. Yes, you want to kick things up, spice up the chatting, but you do not how.

If you’re going to flirt (without getting all slutty and stuff like that) with an Aries man, here are some of the things you would do to make him not only take an interest in you but possibly warm-up your texts.


Here’s How to Flirt with an Aries Man over Text Effectively?

How to Flirt with an Aries Man over Text Effectively

1. Be Direct In Your Texts:

Any Aries man out there will tell you that women who know what they want (and go for it) are a complete turn-on. So instead of those long conversation threads of nothing more than “how was your day?

I’m happy you’ve texted back”, how about telling him that you think he is attractive? Who said ladies couldn’t take the bull by its horns, literally?

You would have got his attention, not a bad start. You should be cautious about how you go about it, though.

You may have a massive crush on him, but let him figure it out himself. It is also essential that you maintain some ‘mysteriousness’ to keep him intrigued.

After all, why would he spend his time trying to figure you out when you are giving him so much information that he can write your biography? Want to keep him interested? Give him just enough information about yourself to keep him wanting to know more; he’ll figure out the rest himself.

Being direct in your texts also sends him a signal that you aren’t afraid of taking risks. He’s likely to find you sexier as Aries men are risk-takers.

In case you aren’t sure how to grab his attention, try being bold. For instance, tell him that you couldn’t help but notice his smile the first time you met him.


2. Intelligent Remarks:

If there is one thing about Aries men that you should know is that they like witty women. They also like women who love humor.

That means you have to keep up with him through your wit. Trust me; he’s going to be more interested in you if he knows that you will always have the perfect comeback to whatever he says in his texts.

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Should I mention that the ‘perfect comeback’ does not mean going to war with him? Witty comebacks are more like it, but you sure get the point, don’t you? The idea is to get him to enjoy the banter and want to spend more time chatting with you.

Your ability to churn out witty remarks will keep him intrigued, and if he begins discussing cerebral matters, he’s finding you intelligent. That’s your chance to show him that you are knowledgeable as well as worldly.

But you should choose your topics carefully since the idea is to get him interested in you, not to show him that you are the female version of Aristotle.

Sending him some of your jokes won’t do any harm to your chances of getting him interested.


3. Tell Him about Dreams:

Ladies, dreams in this context refers to your goals in life and not those fantasies about you and him getting ‘jiggy.’

Aries men usually get attracted to women who have goals and are passionate about achieving them. Texting him about your dreams will save him the trouble of having to ask. It is then upon him to decide if he wants to know more about you.

But as I said earlier, this is not your chance to tell him everything about yourself.

Keeping an air of mystery is a sure way of keeping him hooked long enough to want to go out on a date or something like that.


4. Keep Your Texts Flirty but Light:

I know that the idea is to flirt with him, but let’s not get too flirty, ladies! He sure loves to tease, but you are keeping it fun, and light means that there will be something left for his imagination. That’s why sending him those naughty photos in your private gallery isn’t the brightest idea at this point.

Flirting is all good and fun, but if you want him to fall for you and still respect you as well, suggestive texts will do.

Aries men are known to love doing some good chase, so instead of those revealing pics, dangle him something evocative and then sit back and wait for him to flood your inbox with messages.

If you are aiming for more than just a sexual rendezvous, you should not forget that Aries men aren’t the most patient of male species.

He’ll probably get excited about you before you even know it, but then, what did you expect? My point is that while being cute and sweet will excite him, overdoing it might give him the wrong impression.

You want him to see you as lovey-dovey, not a clingy and needy woman. Also, if you’re thinking of a possible future, make sure that your texts or photos aren’t suggesting that you’re cool with a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship.

Flirting with an Aries man via text needn’t be such a struggle. As long as you’re really into him, and have his number, you can get flirty with him without harming your chances of winning his heart and probably a future with him.

The key is to keep your messages witty, funny, and light. He’s a man who loves a good chase, and he’ll do the rest. Happy endings? It depends on how you play your cards, ladies!