How to Attract an Aries Man Sexually?


Who’s Aries Man and How to Seduce Him Sexually?

People are always confused about who an Aries man is as they give out different definitions. An Aries man is a human being who is 100% sure of his sexuality.

Aries men don’t fear and are always appreciative of their bodies. They are interested most in sex despite their looks. The life of an Aries man is very complicated since they do not like relationships.

Relationships become very hard for them and always they find it much better to be alone. If an Aries man falls in love, it is easier to know because their behavior changes randomly. The reason for their change is to try to win the affection of the partner. In general, Aries men are not romantic and hence they are interested in human beings who are only attracted to sex.

However, since an Aries man has sexuality like any other man, there are ways in which one can attract an Aries man sexually.


  • Being a little chase

A woman who is an easy goer becomes boring to an Aries man. They always like to chase women and if a woman lies in bed with him as soon as they meet, an Aries man will get bored. Hide and run an Aries man as you play naughty, this gives an Aries man an urge to know you better and get cravings for a woman as well. Aries man likes women who they have worked hard to get and hence any woman who avails herself easily to them become not interesting. You can even try to threaten him so that he can get a lot of lust for you


  • The need for being a little chase

Being chase helps an Aries man put all his mind on the woman. There are various questions that ring on an Aries man. Examples of these questions are ‘ why is this woman running away?’ what if she is testing me?’ now, these types of questions put and organize an Aries man mind and concentrate it on that one woman who plays hard to get. (research was done by a psychologist)


  • Keep an Aries man in control with the sex positions.

The most position loved by many Aries men is known as 69 positions. Aries men get very aggressive with sex and keep control of the 69 positions. The dominance when having sex is mostly preferred and is mostly rough to partners. Aries man sometimes can bite or lead to pain when having normal sex but this does not occur when 69 positions are kept in control.

Avoid routine sex. One of the things that lead to boring in bed is due to routine sex. Aries men love making love as they seek adventures. Anything that makes sex new is what Aries men like. , may it be new people, places, forms or new sex positions. To avoid routine sex it is advisable that a woman to keep in mind that an Aries man likes sex and always have fun in it.


  • Groom well

An Aries man just like another man will want a woman who is well groomed. Being groomed well means that the clothes fit well with the shape of the body. This will keep a man’s eye on the woman and hence the more an Aries man will get to like a woman. Aries men are easily turned on by how sexually attractive women are.make sure you wear clothes that show your curves. Aries men get off with women of bad shapes and flabby body. It is advisable that women to make sure that their perfume is not illuminating. Also, make sure your nails and hair are done perfectly. For you to attract an Aries man with the way you groom it means that your body has to be in shape.


4 Ways to maintain the curves to attract an Aries man sexually

  1. Going to the gym
  2. Maintaining the balanced diet
  3. Going for jogging every morning
  4. Meditation


  • Be a strong woman

Aries men prefer women who are mostly strong and among all women who are brave just like them. In our today there are no wars that can testify the braveness of a woman but are some ways that definitely some ways like dealing with hardships that come along in this life. Also in some cases, independent women are known to be brave and strong. Most women act weal and behave like helpless beings when they want to attract a man but for an Aries man, it is different. He might act concerned but in a real sense, he is not attracted. Aries men will like strong and brave women because they know these women can handle them. It is hard for a brave Aries man to be attracted to a coward woman.


  • A woman should be competent.

If any woman wants to attract an Aries man she should be competent. Aries men find women along the way as they continue with their daily activities. By this, it means that the Aries man will see or note you at the place where you do a job. The moment you see an Aries man looking at you while doing some work, do not stop whatever you doing. Mostly he is attracted by the way you do your work. And hence as he gazes at you, don’t shy but continue doing your work.


  • Be a feminine

A feminine woman means that the deeds and behaviors are that of a female. the strength that we were talking about is not physical strength or a masculine strength but as well if a woman has them the Aries man will probably respect that. A woman strength is known to be soft, not forceful, smooth and refined. If a woman does not act in a feminine way, an Aries man will see her as a colleague. For a woman to accomplish this it means that her outer appearance is pleasing. Beauty is what attracts an Aries man. When we talk of beauty it is not modest. Simply it is a confident woman who is unique among other women.


  • A woman should manifest her inner queen

If you want to attract an Aries man, find the inner queen in you and let her out. If you have humility and at the same time you are shy, try to boost your confidence. Probably you can buy a unique outfit and be that unique queen in the crowd. When you go to a hotel or spa, let yourself be pampered. Also, you might let your queen out by having a beautiful and unique hairstyle. Let you be the queen of the day among other women. By doing this you will find an Aries man is attracted to you. The sense of being a queen activates an Aries man passion and urge to know you better.


  • Challenge him

Mostly Aries men do not resist the challenge. A woman should find the courage and stand up to compete with an Aries man. What arouses a man is competition may it be physical or at work. The nature of an Aries man is that they find the challenge more important than winning or even losing. Aries men will be bored if it is ease in winning. Most of Aries men prefer to play poker and related games and hence you as a woman can challenge him there if you are good in them. Even gambling. Aries men are mostly interested in risk and also challenge.


  • Be a gracious woman

A woman should civilize an Aries man. Most Aries men lack social graces whereas they need to be part of this world. Hence it is advisable for a woman to know how to balance an Aries man and help him in his rough moments. You may tell him to eat together at the dinner table instead of a tv room. he maybe resistance in this but at some point, he comes to appreciate them.

Play with an Aries man hair. Placing your hand at his head and playing with his hair activates an Aries man. It stimulates an Aries man and what he feels is comfort in a woman’s arm. This playing with an Aries man hair not only attract him sexually but also creates a bond with him. Aries men like a woman who dedicates herself to them and doing what they like. When a woman plays with his hair it makes an Aries man feel important to a woman’s life. If you notice that the man likes it, you can go down to the chin. By this, you can do it with your hand or lips.


Be an intelligent woman

Aries men mostly like intelligent women . you can ask an Aries man a question and give him less time to answer. Show him that if he fails there is a punishment. Playing games is what most of Aries men like. When you continue playing stupid games with an Aries man, all his attention goes to you and the attraction starts.