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How Do Guys Act When They Are Falling in Love & Are Scared

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Falling in love is so exciting for both people involved.

It is new, and it is a chance to share our life with someone that we care about.

A lot of women and men alike dream of the day they find love. Sometimes we fall to fast and get hurt, sometimes we don’t make a move in time, and they move on without us.

It can be stressful in a relationship figuring out what the next right move is, right? Sometimes we don’t know if he loves us if he wants to walk away, or even if he cares.

Sometimes we don’t even realize our relationship isn’t healthy anymore, and we never see it until we are miserable.

What are some of the signs of these? How do we know if he is happy? If he even likes us?

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For men, trying to figure out how women think is a very complicated subject. To us, women, this is as clear as day.

We often just feel like we can’t say what we think. Is it as complicated for us to read men? For a lot of women, it seems to be that way. We feel like they may not be interested.

Like they may not want us around when they get quiet. That’s more often than not an incorrect assumption as men will nine times out of ten just not be around if they don’t want to be.

That being said, what will a man do when he is falling in love, but the idea of that scares him?


Why Do Guys Act Weird When They Like You?

How Do Guys Act When They Are Falling in Love

Men change their behavior when the idea that they may be falling in love scares him. He may make plans and suddenly just vanish.

He may seem uncomfortable or slightly nervous when you discuss other men.

We can’t take anyone sign as a for a sure signal that he is in love, because each different sign can, in fact, mean something else, but it doesn’t hurt to know what to look for.


Here are some signs that he is falling in love with you:

  • He introduces you to his friends and his family. He finally feels like it is time for you to take that step, and this shows he is serious when he starts bringing you around his closest friends and his family.
  • You catch him staring at you and smiling. This shows he is attracted to you, but it can also display more. He may be looking at you and thinking about his feelings for you, and that makes him smile.
  • He remembers everything about you. If he starts paying more attention to what you say or do, and he remembers the little things, this is a good sign that he is falling in love with you.
  • Suppose he becomes a little protective over you. Men become naturally protective when their loved one is in any way put at risk in their eyes.
  • He discusses the future with you. If he sees a future with you, he is falling in love.
  • He breaks plans to be with you. When he makes you his priority and cancels on other people at the chance to spend his time with you, he cares deeply.

Sometimes when a man falls in love, he feels afraid because he feels it may be too soon, or he may even be fearful of getting hurt.

Sometimes this causes a lot of other strange behavior, and it makes us wonder if it’s us.

Typically though, if we were the problem, our man would be honest and tell us if that were the case.


Signs he is in love but scared:

  • He becomes distant at times. Sometimes this means a negative thing, so don’t take this to be a definite sign. It can, however, signal his falling for you and his fear of this at the same time.
  • He starts acting nervous around you. This can mean his feelings scare him enough that he feels the need to back up so he can figure out what those feelings mean to him correctly. This can also mean something entirely different like he has something on his mind that is bothering him.
  • He is hesitant to talk about the future with you. This can mean he is scared to think about the future if he uses phrases like: “This isn’t the right time.” or “Oh. Yeah. Can we talk about that later?” Don’t take this sign as a significant sign all on its own. This can also mean the opposite, and he is, in fact, not interested in you.


Men’s Attitudes When in Love

When a man falls in love, he shows it. Don’t get your hopes up if he says he loves you, but won’t take the initiative as much as you do to dedicate time to one another.

The truth is, if he wants to be there, he will find a way. No one should put forth effort for a partner that can’t be bothered to do the same.


Signs a Man Is Not Interested:

  • He avoids physical contact with you. If he isn’t hugging, kissing, holding you, he just has no desire to do so, and it is time for you to move on.
  • He flirts with other girls in front of you. This is not an attempt at getting your attention. He is not trying to make you jealous. He just does not want to be with you in that sense.
  • Suppose he asks you for dating advice. This shows he may see you as a friend, but that he does not believe he found the one yet and intends to keep looking.
  • Suppose you have to start the conversation each time. This means he doesn’t even value your discussion and that you are not a priority to him at all.
  • He never wants to be alone with you. You always hang out with a group of friends. This shows that he has no intention of dating you at all.
  • If he can’t put his phone down when you two are together, he is not interested. This is an especially important sign if, when you text him, he never answers.

Sometimes we are just getting to know someone, and we like them, but wonder if he feels the same? We catch ourselves staring at our phones at night, waiting for him to reach out.


Signs He Has A Crush:

  • He makes eye contact. This means he is listening and cares about what you have to say.
  • He laughs at your jokes and jokes with you. You make him laugh, and he is comfortable enough to joke with you. This can potentially mean he has a crush.
  • He tries to be alone with you. This means he wants to talk quietly somewhere, or even more! He likely has a crush if he is trying to get you alone.

Loving relationships are equal, whether he is scared or not. It will come to light eventually if he loves you and is scared.

You will find out whether he tells you or you find out on your own. He may even have reasons he is scared to love you, and don’t blame yourself.

Those reasons, more often than not, have absolutely nothing to do with you.


Reasons He May Be Scared:

  • He recently came out of a long term relationship. He may want to take it slow, but how he feels about you is alarming because of how fast and efficiently it came to him.
  • He was hurt badly before you. His last partner may have cheated or broken his heart differently, and he is terrified it will happen again. Eventually, he will realize you are not that partner, and he will open up.
  • He is scared you do not feel the same. He may be falling and worrying that you will not reciprocate those feelings. Even if you don’t feel the same, make sure he understands you are in no way invalidating or mocking him.
  • He doesn’t feel worthy of love right now. This is a hard reason to tackle. If he genuinely feels this way, support him and show him he is righteous, even if it isn’t from you. Everyone deserves love.

You must love yourself and understand you deserve to be enjoyed before you can fully commit to someone.

Loving yourself helps you to figure out what you want out of a relationship and helps you move forward and find that person with a clear idea of who that may be.

There are also some red flags to look out for in relationships that show when it is time to get out.

Sometimes these are hard to notice, other times they stare you right in the eye. These red flags signal this is becoming a toxic relationship, and that means it will do more harm than good being with this person.


Signs It Is Time To Go:

  • When you find him cheating, if he has already reached out to someone else, do not let the “I love you” anchor you to him because if he loved you, he would have stayed faithful to you and respected you enough to walk away from that other person. You do not want him to learn that he can treat you any way he wants.
  • When his anger comes from seemingly nothing, he may tell you it’s just a bad day, but if it is often and seems to come from nowhere, it can and probably will get worse—time to go.
  • When he does not show you respect When he is calling you names or just mocking you over something, even if he just doesn’t care when you speak. He does not want you; he just does not want to be alone.
  • When he can’t put his phone down, and your relationship has already become severe. This is a sign that he no longer values your company but doesn’t want to leave.
  • When he starts fights all the time, he is just looking for that final blow-up fight so he can leave; this means he already wants out and needs a reason.
  • Suppose he prioritizes his friends over you. If they become more critical than you after your relationship has become severe and exclusive, he doesn’t want to stick around.

Now that we have talked through sure signs of individual relationship signals let’s sum them up.

First, when a man falls in love with you, he shows it. He makes you his priority, and he listens to you.

He wants that time alone with you; he supports and encourages you. A man builds up his partner when he is in love because he wants to see them be the best they can be.

He values your happiness, and he appreciates your safety and health.

Also, when a man is scared, he will show it. Whether he suddenly pulls away or he starts acting nervous.

Eventually, he will either tell you, or you’ll see it. This man needs support and reassurance because his feelings are valid, and he is allowed to be scared.

When a man isn’t interested, he will make sure he shows it. He won’t go the extra mile for you, and he definitely won’t take the time to compliment you or to try to be alone with you.

He may value you as a friend, but that is as far as it will go with this man.

Toxic relationships happen and are hard to leave, even if you are unhappy.

You once loved that person, and that is hard for anyone. There comes a time in these relationships where you need out before you suffer mentally or even physically.

Lastly, men are pretty hard to read sometimes, but when they love someone, they show sure signs, and it can be daunting trying to figure it out.

Taking things slow will make seeing these signals a little easier and might ease his fear of falling for you.

Don’t let him lead you on if you feel he isn’t interested, though. You are just as deserving of love as he is!