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How (10 Ways) to Get a Sugar Daddy to Buy You Things

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Here, you will learn How (10 PROVEN Ways) to Get a Sugar Daddy to Buy You Things. Whether you are already getting an allowance from your sugar daddy, it doesn’t matter.

It is not a thing that men look for attractive women to financially support and provide for.

With ladies feeling the pangs of economic difficulties, student loans, rising college tuition fees, this option has become a very common option among women.

Well, as a sugar baby things can get tough but you need to rise above difficult situations.

Get yourself a sugar daddy that is up to the task.

Whether you are already getting an allowance from your sugar daddy, it doesn’t matter.

As a sugar baby, your aim is to constantly increase the quantity of sugar in your life. This additional sugar in question can be in terms of gifts like cars, clothing items, groceries, all-expense-paid trips – you name it!

It’s achievable! There is nothing wrong with receiving gifts from your sugar daddy or getting him to spoil you a bit more.

You deserve all the good things in life.

A good sugar daddy will take you out to lovely restaurants, he’ll buy you gifts, clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Not only that, but he’d also put you on an allowance, pay your tuition, buy you a car, and maybe even a house – all fully paid for.

But how do you carry out the task of asking your sugar daddy to buy you things gracefully, without him seeing you as greedy, too demanding, or stressing him out?

Or better still, how can you get your sugar daddy to be so generous towards you without you even asking him?

If you’re wondering if this is even remotely possible, it is a baby girl. In this article, I will give you the secrets that all successful sugar babies use.

And this secret is guaranteed to work for you. It is a very simple strategy that you should start using right away.

Here, I will share with you winning tips on how to get a sugar daddy to buy you things in addition to your normal sugar baby allowance.


10 Ways to Get a Sugar Daddy to Buy You Things:


1. Be valuable to your sugar daddy

It comes down to one simple thing: You provide massive value to his life. So much value that he can’t help feeling immensely happy and grateful to have you as his sugar baby.

A happy, grateful sugar daddy = a generous, pampering sugar daddy.

Yes, the easiest way to keep yourself happy and all your needs and wants to take care of is simply by keeping your sugar daddy happy and taken care of.

And unlike the whining and pestering route, this is actually a win-win for you both.


2. Present yourself as someone that’s classy

Present yourself as someone your sugar daddy would be proud to show off to his friends and colleagues.

A sugar daddy that will gladly spend his hard-earned money on a sugar baby wants someone that is classy.

He also wants a sugar baby that is befitting to his status. A sugar baby that talks too much is a turn-off.

Talk and act like a lady, not like someone off the street. You shouldn’t curse around him and be easy to get along with.

Have the ability to have a pleasant conversation and leave a good impression.


3. Be well-groomed

Like the cliché saying goes; ‘looking good is good business’. True that! And so is looking good for your sugar daddy.

Make sure you are you dress appropriately for certain occasions when you make a public appearance with your sugar daddy.

Not even only on certain occasions, always. Ensure you clean up nicely.

Your hair should be well-groomed, your breath fresh, endeavor to wear light makeup, and nice scenting cologne.

No sugar daddy will like a sugar baby that looks untidy or smells badly.


4. Be in control of your actions

As a sugar girl, you should have poise and good charisma. You shouldn’t be found fanatically chewing or snapping your gum. Don’t talk back at him if you’re angry or in a bad mood.

Don’t raise your voice, talk aggressively, or move your hands frantically when you speak.

Maintain a good posture and behave like a lady.


5. Know what you want

For any sugar relationship to be successful, both parties involved must strive to fulfill each other’s desires.

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So, there is no right or wrong thing to ask your sugar daddy for.

Most sugar daddies are capable of fulfilling their sugar babies’ desire, so just go ahead and ask for the things you want.

However, you should know how wealthy your sugar daddy so that you can know the kind of things to ask him for.

More importantly, you ought to know the right mood to ask for these things.

Make sure you do your best to please your sugar daddy always. Then you can ask him to buy you things when he is in a happy mood and you’d be sure to get it.


6. Get comfortable and bold enough to ask for what you want

Here is something that a lot of sugar babies don’t know about sugar daddies: They don’t usually negotiate their hunt. If they see a good deal, they go for it.


Since you know what you would like to get from your sugar daddy, get comfortable with asking for the things you want.

As long as you’re sure you’ve copped the right sugar daddy and he is capable of granting your request, be bold enough to ask for it.

The reason why most sugar babies find it uncomfortable to ask their sugar daddy for things is that they’ve been independent for too long.

They find it awkward to make demands from people. The way out for you is to speak your desires out loud to yourself first.

Practice it and then go ahead and ask your sugar daddy for it. You deserve all the good things in life, go for it!


7. Ditch the old cliché of ‘Ladies First’

Wake up, sugar baby! It’s the 21st century. You don’t get what you don’t ask for.

Don’t assume your sugar daddy will instinctively buy you things even if you don’t ask.

As a sugar baby, make sure you discuss money and gifts before making anyone your sugar daddy.

It is important that you know the size of your sugar daddy’s pocket.

If he is rich but stingy then he is not an ideal sugar daddy material. Don’t compromise. Click the ‘Next’ button, and move on to someone else.


8. Don’t try and justify what you’re asking for

While you’re being confident in asking for the things you want, don’t feel like you need to validate it.

It is totally unnecessary and sugar daddies don’t like that.

When you try to make excuses for what you’re asking for, you may appear like you are whining or too greedy.

After you’ve asked him to buy you something, just laugh it off and say, ‘Well, a lady gotta look good, yea?


9. Show Appreciation

The key to receiving more is showing gratitude.

Everyone loves to be appreciated for their efforts and your sugar daddy is not an exception.

Be appreciative of his kind gestures to you at all times.

Whether your sugar daddy gives you cash or buys you gift items, be sure to show your genuine appreciation.

Your sugar daddy is sure to feel good when you tell him how much you love the Gucci bag he bought you.

Or you could tell him how much fun it was spending time with him at the mini-vacation he sponsored.


10. Be kind to your sugar daddy

Have you ever noticed that you want to do good stuff for people who do the same for you, even when they haven’t asked for it? Well, that’s the Law of Reciprocity doing its work.

This law essentially works in such a way that when someone helps or does something good for you, you’ll have an innate emotional urge to reciprocate the gesture.

Do you know what’s cooler about the Law of Reciprocity? It often makes one feel motivated to reciprocate with a deed that’s even more generous than the original good gesture.

Yes! It is strange but very effective.

So, there’s no better way to show your sugar daddy how grateful you are than to do good deeds for him as well.

You can even show appreciation in buying him thoughtful gifts. It shows that you care for him and your sugar daddy will love this gesture.

It will give him the urge to give him something in return. It will spur him to even buy you more gifts.

This doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to make to get your sugar daddy to buy you things.

You can make use of this law in ways that only cost you a few bucks. But it will work in such a way that your sugar daddy will be so happy and grateful that he will make it his life mission to spoil you endlessly!

Remember that all the sugar tips in the world won’t be of any use to you if you don’t make use of them.

Practice these tips and very soon, you’ll become an expert at it. So go out there and begin to ask for the things you want, get them and get much more!

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