How to Cast a FREE Easy Love Spells with Just Words – (5 Simple Steps)


 Learn How to Cast a FREE Easy Love Spells with Just Words Even if You’re an Absolute Beginner

In this article, you’re going to learn a SIMPLE process on how to cast a FREE Easy love spells with just words that works fast even if you’ve never cast a love spell before.

But, before we begin, let’s first understand the intentions behind casting a spell…

The cycle of love can be a complicated concept and many may not even understand it. It is a very powerful emotion that can build or destroy someone. It is strongly controlled by the heart rather than the mind. Despite its complications and misunderstandings, love is a beautiful thing and unique among different people.

There are cases when the feeling is not shared mutually where an individual loves someone who is not reciprocating the idea. In other cases, two people who were once in love end up with one individual falling out. These circumstances lead to the use of love spells. You will come across various love spells that come with different requirements. You will be glad to know that there are love spells that do not require any ingredients.

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Reasons You Would Want to Cast Free easy love spells with just words

Different love spells will address different love situations as below:

  • Spells to bring back lost love
  • Get your ex-lover
  • Heal a breaking marriage
  • Same-sex love spells
  • Attraction love spells (ideal for making your crush love you)
  • Protection love spells to protect your relationship from any ills

Factors to Incorporate

Before casting a love spell, you need to place a few factors into consideration and address them. This will help you to make the best of the spell.

  • Let loose

Let loose and avoid tension. Being uptight will only defer your intentions and you are more likely to lose track of the procedure.

  • Ensure you are not bitter

Casting spells for all the wrong intentions will only deprive you of meeting your objective. Keep in mind that these kind of spells are not black magic. Therefore, when casting a love spell, it is best that you are at peace with yourself.

  • Be open minded

An open mind is a very important aspect to consider because it helps to focus better. In addition, you will not have the thought of thinking twice about your action because you know that it is for the right reasons. It also frees you of bad intentions.

  • Believe in the process

Believing in your spell and how to cast it will help to deliver better results. It will also make the best of your intentions.

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Casting Free Easy Love Spells with Just Words

To help restore love, you can count on FREE easy love spells with just words. You can get back your ex or a spouse seeking a divorce. The idea is to help save a love connection. Depending on the spell and the intention, there are different ways of casting a spell. The most important aspect is for you to pour your heart into the spell as you cast it. The rest will then fall into place with the free easy love spells with just words. Below is a love spells and how to go about casting it.

  • A Call of Love

This love spell requires just words and sincerity of your intentions. Before reading the actual spell, here is how to cast it.

  • Face to the west of your location

You may be wondering why you have to face the west. This direction is normally associated with love and emotions. The idea is to place a focus on drawing from the emotions and redirecting it to your intended focus.

  • Raise your hands

Raise your hands in the air in the same direction. This is similar to calling out. It also makes you feel free allowing you to let go of everything and only focusing on your intentions.

  • Read the spell

Read the spell out loud with a clear focus and open intentions. Ensure that nothing disrupts you once you start the spell. The idea is to complete the entire spell in sequence. Breaking it for any reasons will not leave the desired effect.

This spell is from Here and it should be cast with precision. Reading out loud, say the following….

“I call on Aphrodite, on Isis, on Freya

Hear the sound of my own heart

Hear my call.


I ask to be blessed with love,

That my heart’s partner be found

I ask to be blessed with love,

As my magick spirals around.


Thank you great Goddesses,

I welcome your assistance

In my search for love.”


  • Focus your energy

Once you are finished reading the spell, it is important that you focus your energy. Therefore, never finish reading the spell and simply drop your hands and leave. Remain in the same position slightly longer and focus on the outcome. It allows your mind and heart enough time to direct your intentions. It can take a few minutes or longer. This is purely dependent on the emotions you draw.

Bottom Line

Casting a spell is not just about focusing on the wording. It involves a lot more including physical, mental, and spiritual involvement. A combination of this in addition to the specific words and the belief that it will serve its purpose. If you are in doubt, it is best that you postpone the entire process. However, where love is involved, many believe in the love spells.

Above is a guide on how to cast free easy love spells and a sample on factors to consider. Do not let go of the person you love just yet simply because you are not on the same page regarding your emotions. You can remedy the situation and enjoy love and what it stands for. Use a free and easy love spell with just words to redeem love.

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