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Blessing Spells: Cast Powerful Spell Free in [10 Step-by-Steps]

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Blessing Spells

Everyone wants what is best for their loved ones. No doubt everybody wants to be blessed.

So, what better way is there in which you can use to prove to your loved one that you truly love them than to bless them. There are different types of blessing spells that you can take advantage of to bless your loved ones.

So, even if you do not have all the money in the world to give to the ones you love, why not just try any one of the blessing spells that are out there to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them.

The blessing spell is so unique in its way. And when it comes to a spell that has been in existence for a very long time, the blessing spell is one of them.

The spell has been in existence for a very long time and was used by practically all our ancestors. It is the joy of all our parents and guardians to see us all happy and prosperous.

And for our parents and guardians to see this happen, they have to cast powerful blessing spells. Before we jump right into the spell casting, let us first understand the basics. After we are done understanding the basics, then we can proceed with the spell casting itself.  

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What are Blessing Spells?

What are Blessing Spells?Blessing spells are spells that are used to invoke a blessing on a person. When you cast a blessing spell on a person, you are giving the person spiritual gifts. You are impacting on the person’s spiritual life and not the person’s physical life. So, when you are casting a blessing spell, have in mind that you are giving the person a gift that nobody can purchase in the market.

Blessing spells are easy to cast, but the effect the spell has on a person varies depending on the person casting the spell. If when casting a blessing spell, you do not mean what you are doing, it would not be as effective as it would be when you mean it. That is why most of the times, blessing spells are usually associate with emotions. It takes a very strong emotional person to cast a very powerful blessing spell. Because of the emotions attached to blessing spells that is why it is mostly casted by parents or guardians.  

When someone has a very strong emotional connection with you, they can easily cast blessing spells for you. Blessing spells are very safe although they are very powerful. That is why I have decided to write this post, to enlighten everyone here about blessing spells. Once you know all that you need to know about the blessing spells, then I can boldly say my work is done as you can go into the world and cast your blessing spells for your loved ones.


Why would you need to Cast Blessing Spells?

Why would you need to Cast Blessing Spells?There are lots of reasons why people cast blessing spells. Take for instance to bless an object; people cast a blessing spell just for an object. Another reason why people cast blessing spells, is for the obvious reason, to bless their loved ones. You can also cast blessing spells for any reason you want to cast a spell for.

Some people also cast blessing spells because they want to impact on the people they love. Blessing spells can also be cast to impart a spiritual blessing on your descendants. When you cast blessing spells, you are in a way passing virtues from yourself to the person you are casting the blessing spell on.

Blessing spells do not just only make the person you are casting a spell on blessed; it makes the person a blessing to others. When someone is blessed, the person would be able to help other people. When you are helping people, without a doubt, you are indirectly a blessing to them. Being blessed goes a long way, and it is worthwhile being blessed. So, if you are not blessed, you can cast blessing spells on yourself. In a short while, I would be sharing with you one of my best blessing spell that works.


The Risk Associated with Performing Blessing Spells

The Risk Associated with Performing Blessing SpellsThere is no risk associated with performing a blessing spell. Like I always used to say, when you are casting a spell, it is always advisable that you adhere strictly by the directions of the spell. No matter the spell you are casting, always follow the instructions carefully. Carefully follow the instructions because when you are casting a spell, you are not only altering the physical, but you are altering the spiritual as well. And one thing about the spiritual realm is that except you are an expert in spell casting, you cannot know exactly everything that is occurring with every word you alter.

So, when you are casting a blessing spell, the only risk involved is in not following the instructions carefully. Blessing spells are completely safe and are even advisable to be casted every single time. If you can even cast a love spell every single day, it would be great.  

Another thing that is worth taking note of is the fact that when you cast a blessing spell, you should be careful. When you cast a blessing spell, virtue leaves you and goes to the person that you are casting the blessing spell on. So, ones you cast a blessing spell on someone, it is practically impossible to reverse it. So, use the blessing spell with caution. This is to ensure that you do not end up regretting.


How to Cast Blessing Spells

How to Cast Blessing SpellsAnd now, here comes the best part, the part that I am sure you have been waiting for – how to cast blessing spells. Like I said in the introduction, there are different types of blessing spells depending on your intention for casting the blessing spell. But in this post, I would be sharing with you a blessing spell that you can use to bless an object, an altar or a person. But first, here are the ingredients that you would need to cast the blessing spell.



  1. Feather – a white one (representing air)
  2. Dirt – a bowl of sand (representing earth)
  3. Water – a cup of water (representing water)
  4. Candle – a piece of a red candle (representing fire)
  5. The item you want to bless (a picture if you are blessing a person)
  6. A white cloth to wrap everything


  1. All the ingredients you want to make use of for the blessing spell, set them on a table or your altar if you have an altar.
  2. Pick up the feather and say this chat, “I bless you with air.”
  3. Pick up the bowl of sand, use your hand to pack a hand full of the sand. Then you pour the sand back into the bowl, but as you pour the sand say this chant, “I bless you with the earth.”
  4. Pick up the cup of water, keep the tip of your finger into the water and say this chant, “I bless you with water.” Then you can remove the tip of your finger from the water.
  5. Pick up the red candle and say this chant, “I bless you with fire.”
  6. Now that you are done blessing all the main ingredients that you are going to be making use of for the spell, you can now proceed with the main spell. Firstly you would need to clear your mind of any thoughts that you may have. You should also ensure that you believe with all your mind and heart that the blessing spell would work.
  7. Light the red candle, and then pick the bowl of water, and pour the sand into it. Also, put the feather into it, and then pour a few drops of the candle wax into the mixture and then stir the whole mixture together.
  8. If you are casting this blessing spell on an altar, you would need to sprinkle the mixture of everything on the altar. But if you are casting the blessing spell on someone, you would need the picture of the person you are casting a spell on. When you get the picture, put it in the mixture, and then your ingredients are ready, and you need the chant at this stage.
  9. After you have fulfilled the requirements in step 8 of this spell, you can proceed by saying this chant, “I call on the forces of the universe – fire, earth, water, and air. I call you as I am a descendant of my ancestors who had summoned you in time past, yield to my voice. Because of this, I decree that you bless me and that you bless everything that pertains to me.”
  10. When you are done saying this chant, take the mixtures, wrap it in the white piece of cloth and then keep it in a cool dark place, for three days. If it is an altar you want to bless, cover the altar with the white cloth for three days.



Now that you know just what to do ensure that you always follow the instruction properly. The blessing spell is a powerful spell and should only be cast with seriousness. I hope this spell would solve the problem that you have.

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