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The 5 Best Baby Swings for Colic 2020

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Are you looking for the Best Baby Swings for Colic in 2020? Here, I have narrowed down to only the top 5 best sellers Baby Swings for Colic.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the most important features of a great baby swing are comfort and durability. 

This was our determinant when we selected our list of best baby swings for colic.

We have come up with our list of the best 5 baby swings that will help soothe your colic baby in your presence and absence. 

Read on to learn more. Or, if you don’t have time on your hands and cannot read further, we highly recommend the Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy. 

The 5 Best Baby Swings for Colic in 2020:

1. Overall Best – Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy

Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy



The Fisher is a classical and one of the best selling infant swing out there. Though it costs $200, it is cost-effective and highly functional. 

One of the lovely features about this baby swing is its dual swing motions; it swings from side to side and from head to toe. Research shows that these swing motions can effectively help to calm a baby down. This is because it creates an environment similar to when the baby is still in the Amniotic fluid.

It also comes with music settings for colic babies. With 16 soothing sounds and songs including white noise, it will attract the interests of babies and make them feel safe even in quiet nights.

The safety belts and the different recline positions are perfectly suited for newborn babies, especially for colic baby use. Even if the baby grows bigger, the machine has an inbuilt smart technology that can sense the baby’s weight automatically and adjust the swing speed accordingly.


  • It comes with dual swing motions for colic baby use
  • There are two recline positions
  • Easy to convert to different positions
  • 6 swing speeds
  • Both AC adapter and batteries available
  • Machine washable


  • Lack of vibration
  • Not easy to move


 2. Best Swinger– Graco Simple Sway

Graco Simple Sway


This is a wonderful pick if your baby gets colic and you need just a swing motion to help swing baby for you. It only swings from side to side and is perfect for you especially if your baby enjoys swinging side to side.

It comes with six preset swing speed and gentle vibration modes that can attract your baby and relieve the pain of your colic baby. The 15 songs and sounds will make your baby feel safe just like you are by his/her side. Colicky babies cry at night and the white noise can help coax your baby into sleep.

Though it is equipped with a five-point harness that can keep your baby safe, you still need to watch the baby closely in case bad things happen. If the head support is not strong sound enough, get another baby pillow for your colic baby.


  • It has multiple swing speeds
  • It comes with 15 preset songs and sounds to attract your baby’s attention.
  • There is a Removable head support
  • Equipped with Five-point harness 
  • Comes with Both plug-in and battery


  • Can only swings from side to side only



3. Best Baby Rocker – Graco Duet Soothe Swing

Graco Duet Soothe Swing


This is a multifunctional unit has it plays the role of a rocker and swing together as one and this means you can use it as a rocker and swing. 

When it functions as a swing, three sitting positions of it can swing the baby from front to back and from side to side. 

Just like the first 2 recommended, this multifunctional unit also comes with different songs and sounds that help to keep colicky babies relaxed.

Using the battery power, it can operate at slow and fast speeds according to your baby’s preference. There are also 3 hanging toys on the toy bar and they move as the machine moves. These toys attract your baby’s interest and make them forget about their sickness at that period.


  • There are 3 sitting positions.
  • Comes with 2 vibrations speeds
  • Multiple swing speeds from slow to fast
  • There are 15 songs and sounds
  • Both battery and plugin are available
  • Can be used as a rocker and swing


  • The machine is quite heavy and cannot be carried easily


4. Best Bouncer – Ingenuity SmartSize

Ingenuity SmartSize


If you want something fancy but functional, then the Ingenuity baby swing is the perfect one for you. With a combined function of a rocker and swing, your baby can get different satisfaction while sitting on it. The dual swing motions from side to side or front to back can calm the colicky baby down effectively. 

It can also help calm babies that cry in the evening. Most times, babies cry at night due to the lack of light and sounds; however, this machine has an in-built electronic light beam that helps to make the baby feel safe at night.

This is just a swing; it is not advisable to baby sleep in it at night, you can put the baby in it only when he/she gets anxiety.

There are 3 automatic swing timer settings that can turn the machine off by itself. There are also 3 toys hanging on the toy bar; they rotate when the device is on. This is a smart brand to use if your baby gets colic.


  • You can link your phone to the machine to play music or video
  • Seat rotates 360 degrees to four different swing positions
  • Two recline positions
  • It has a compact design 
  • Inbuilt electronic Light beams
  • Plug-in


  • The wheels are not easy to roll


5. Best Seater – 4moms MamaRoo Baby Swing

4moms MamaRoo 


MamaRoo is the future of baby swings and we can easily judge that from its ability to mimic parent’s motions. It is quite different from the rest as it doesn’t swing from side to side or from head to toe; rather it moves in unique motions. It is said to imitate the real movements of parents in real life hence it may do a very good job calming down colicky baby when they feel uncomfortable.

It comes with 4 music sounds that can help keep the baby relaxed. If your baby isn’t pleased with the music, you can as well connect your phone to the machine and play what the baby likes. 

The machine seat is pretty soft and the seat position is perfectly designed to fit the baby’s body structure


  • Comes with 5 unique motions
  • Bluetooth baby swings
  • It has a machine-washable seat fabric
  • Not heavy but sturdy
  • There is an adjustable seat recline
  • AC adapter available


  • It has only natural music



How to choose the Best Baby Swing for a Colic – Buyer Guide

After deciding to buy the best baby swing for colic baby, the next step would be how to figure out the best from the various options in the market.

Hence, we have come up with some detailed info on the factors to keep in mind when buying a baby swing for a colic baby.

Soothing movement

One of the important things to consider while buying the baby swing is to check whether the swing can provide the soothing movements that can calm your baby. You have to be sure about the movements such as side to side and back and forth can soothe your baby.

So when your baby starts crying, you can place him/her in the swing and calm him/her down as the baby swings start its rocking motion.


Irrespective of the luxury in your baby swing, the only thing that matters is the comfort of your baby in that swing. Its luxuries are of no use if your crying baby does not feel safe in it. 

Check the materials used, space and other unique features that might play a major role in providing comfort for your baby


Baby swing safety features

A baby swing needs to have a safety bet and at least 3 point harness. If you see a baby swing with these features or more, buy it. The safety belt should be strong enough. Confirm that you can easily unfasten it after usage. It should be easily adjustable and covered with protecting fabric to avoid crushing the baby.

Also, check if the baby swing comes with head support. The head support provides extra support for your baby while eating, playing or resting.


Check if the baby swings come with a canopy. A canopy does a good work of preventing the baby from the sun when you are at an outdoor event.

Construction materials

Another important thing to factor in while buying a baby swing is its construction materials. Make sure that you buy a baby swing that is strong and sturdy. Also, verify if it can withstand your baby’s weight. 

You have to also be sure that the materials used in making it are very strong and durable.

Ability to Clean

At some point, the baby swing will rack up dirt. Make sure you buy a swing that has a detachable and machine-washable seat cover. A lot of brands over additional seat covers as well.

Swinging noise

Is there any use of a baby swing if it provides all the comfort need to soothe a baby but makes noise? Before you pay for that baby swing, make sure it is tested to confirm that it is noise-free.


Good baby swings have at least 6 different swinging speeds. Check this out so you can set the swing in speeds that will keep your baby entertained and happy. Note that it is important to know your baby’s mood and set the speed accordingly


Baby swings also come with a plug-in option It is advisable to buy the ones that have this plug-in options rather than waste money buying expensive batteries. The good thing about the plug-in option is that you can as well make your baby comfortable in your absence.

The battery usage is perfect outdoors in the absence of a plug. This means your baby can have the same experience as at home. The only downside is that the battery can be very expensive.

What Should You Know Before Buying Baby Swings for Colic?

  • For foldable swings, know how to open it as well as fold it. Also verify that once you open it up as a swing, it locks safely and sturdily into specific positions.
  • The seat bad should be comfortable and machine washable. It should also be removed without hitches.
  • Make sure the seat belt is closely connected to the seat easily. It should also be easy to tie and untie.
  • There should be no exposed part on the seat. Must be completely covered.
  • The swing stand must be thick and sturdy, and the metal type should be the foremost option.

Final Thoughts

So whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, the buying guide above can help you buy the best baby swing available for colic! Happy shopping!

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