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10 Best Sugar Daddy Apps for College Students

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Sugar daddies like young and beautiful ladies. The gay type like young and handsome men. Sugar daddy- sugar baby relation has mutual benefits; the daddies get sex on demand; in return, they fund the lifestyle of their partners.

In a typical scenario, a sugar daddy can fund his partner to a tune of $25,000 per month on average!

It is in colleges and universities that you can find the young and beautiful. That is why sugar daddy apps for college students are developed.

Remember, most young sexy girls are ready to strike and maintain relationships with older men.

However, a sugar daddy is not restricted to a single woman. He can have numerous sugar babies at a go, provided he can fund them well.

Students flock on these apps with the hopes of finding a wealthy sugar daddy.

In this review, I look at the top 10 best sugar daddy apps for college students. Walk with me through the whole journey.

Here are the 10 best sugar daddy apps for college students.

#1 Seeking Arrangement Review

Everybody likes making an arrangement. Straight to the point; state what you want, an agreement is made, and then you get results. As simple as that.

Like any other site, sign up using an email, verify it, and set a password. Get the app from Google play, log into your account, and start seeking arrangements.

#1 Seeking Arrangement app for students
#1 Seeking Arrangement app for students

Once into your account, you’ll see college members, members online, and new members.

#1 Seeking Arrangement app for students
#1 Seeking Arrangement app for students

Besides, you have a search option. You can use this option to select the best sugar babies around you.


What do you get on this app?

Everything is straightforward. Sugar daddies have exclusive access to sugar babies provided they are premium members. The app only offers a place for such kind of balanced relationships. The sugar daddies pamper sugar babies in many ways, including paying college fee, exotic trips, and dinners, among others.

For premium membership;

#1 Seeking Arrangement app for students
#1 Seeking Arrangement app for students

Seeking arrangement is an established site with over 10 million users, of whom 8 million are sugar babies. The site is available to over 130 countries.


What makes this site credible?

  • People from numerous countries
  • Background verification for members
  • Real-time messaging
  • Share private photos


The downside is:

  • Without money, you can’t get a date.

#2 Sugar Daddy Meet Review

So far, this is a site with the most generous sugar daddies. The sugar daddies are verified to be millionaires. The site only serves the top 20 wealthiest countries in the world.

Do you want to sign up as a sugar daddy? Then prove that you are a millionaire. This requirement is unfair but necessary in preventing scammers from defrauding honest member. Besides, it ensures that sugar daddies offer te life they promised.

You can sign up using a website, mobile website, or Facebook account. The app is called SDM

A typical search page looks like this:

#2 Sugar Daddy Meet Review
#2 Sugar Daddy Meet Review

What makes this site a standout?

  • No fakes. First, you have to verify your photo, and secondly, you have to verify you are a millionaire. That latter makes it easier for you to land a sugar baby – that is their interest.
  • Easy search mechanism. The advanced feature allows you to narrow down to what you are looking for, e.g., income, location, ethnicity, body type, etc.
  • Swipe feature. This allows you to search and connect easily with people of interest. If you like someone, swipe right if not swipe left.
  • Roulette matching feature, a perfect match-making feature.

Sugar daddies must be premium members. To do so, they need to subscribe to either one month, three months or 6-month subscription as follows:

#2 Sugar Daddy Meet Review
#2 Sugar Daddy Meet Review

As a sugar daddy, you always have to initiate the first move by proposing a gift for the first date.

#3 AgeMatch Review

Relationship rules are changing. AgeMatch takes perfect advantage of that. It matches individuals who are interested in dating people with an age gap difference. Essentially, older men are free to date young and intelligent women. Similarly, older women are free to date young men.

This is a pioneer dating site. It dates back to 2001. Without a doubt, on this app/site, you can find a lasting relationship – romantic or friendships with benefits.

Signing up on this site takes less than 5 minutes. You can use your Facebook account or use the website, then download an app.

AgeMatch Review
AgeMatch Review

Making contact is pretty straightforward. You can send a wink and make a list of favorite users free of charge. Premium members can initiate contact.

AgeMatch Review
AgeMatch Review

Premium members pay $ 29.99 for one-month-subscription, $ 59.95 for three months and $ 95.95 for six months.


What do you get from the app?

  • The chance to edit your profile any time in case you want to amend the information
  • A chance to upload both public and private photos
  • A user-friendly app.
  • Browsing anonymously
  • Advanced search filters

The only problem with the site is that members are inactive.

#4 Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single

From its name, Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single is a dating app for people who need luxury. That implies; only millionaires can understand the meaning of this app. To join the app, you must be earning over 200k. Alternatively, other members can vote you in.

Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single
Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single

Sign up through website or Facebook, and start enjoying the company of beautiful ladies and elite. First, you need to specify your gender and what you are looking for.

Generally, this site is called tinder for millionaires because 43% are verified, millionaires. That is why the app is created with a robust design, offering unmatched usability.

If you want more advanced features, you need to be a premium member.

Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single
Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single


What do you get on this app?

  • Its members who decide those who join the site. This help eliminates fakes, but at the same time, the members can be unfair to you. This feature is called a vouch.
  • Swipe and match feature that enables you to see those members around you. This feature is on for verified millionaires.
  • Uploading pictures of your activities of interest. People interested in you can like photos, and you can start a conversation

The app appears as below.

Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single
Luxy Pro- Elite Dating Single

The best oat with this site is that it holds parties for elites and singles. This makes match-making easier.

#5 Review offers you sugar daddy-sugar baby relationship in a less restricted manner.

Sign up is straightforward.


After submitting your information, it takes the site about 4 hours to approve your profile. They’ll notify you via email. Upon verification, you can log in


The website and the app, come with no ads or spams. These things are known to be annoying and slow down your dating user experience.


What do you get on this site?

The search option is very detailed. This enables you to filter the people around to the most beautiful details. Therefore, all sugar daddies and sugar babies get the right match.

Each profile is specially set with a direct contact button. This section includes emails, phone number, the instant a messaging, and Skype. This makes it further easier to communicate. To access these services, you have to be a premium member.

Unlike other sites, both the sugar daddies and sugar babies have to pay. Remember that sugar babies want financial support. Other sites allow them free membership. With the condition to pay, only a few of them are on this app. That is the lowest part of this site.

Much as the site says it is free to send and receive messages, it only applies for one day. Otherwise, every move you make requires some credits. This feature has made the app have negative reviews.

#6 Tinder Review

The tinder dating app is straight to the point.  To sign up, you have to use your phone number. This makes the process of verification easier. That is why this app has gained worldwide fame. For the past six years, it has been connecting people interested in meaningful or supportive relationships.

The app is both on the app store and Google play. Sign up is not complicated. once you’ve created an account, logging in is hassle-free

Tinder Review

What do you get on tinder app?

The swipe is crazy. As far as swiping is concerned, tinder is the leader in this field. It was the first to introduce swiping. Swiping exposes to a larger pool of people.

The app is classified as a free dating app. this robust app has powerful features to help you locate the best match around your area quickly. While using this app, you must enable location.

To change location, you can use a passport feature. This makes it easier for sugar daddies and sugar babies who frequently change position.

You cannot enjoy these feature if you are not a premium member by making the below subscriptions.

Tinder Review

Non-premium members have a limit of 100 swipes per every 12 hours. Again, if you are above 30 years old, you will pay more as your subscription fee.

The most unfortunate part is that there are more men than women. Competition is stiff.

#7 Grindr Review

This is one of the sites for open-minded individuals. It is a location-based social networking community that accommodates all people regardless of their sexual orientation.

In essence, the app accommodates the bisexual, transgender, lesbian, and gay individuals – LGBT. Sugar daddies or sugar mommas that fall in one of this category, you have a community – Grindr.

To create an account, you need a valid email, then create a strong password.

#7 Grindr Review
#7 Grindr Review

The most important thing is to choose your display name and to craft a compelling summary of yourself. Besides, adding a profile picture makes you standout.


What do you get from this app/site?

Grindr is A secure platform to connect with likeminded individuals. The app is securely built, and encourage members to use a name other than their real name.

Easy navigation. All icons are well arranged and are a large enough hence visible. Each icon is highly responsive, making the whole app enjoyable to use.

The search options are advanced, a feature that further makes it easier to filter down to the right kind of person you are interested in.

Much as this side is famed for its open-mindedness, it features numerous fake profiles. According to some user reviews, they say the app has some technical issues.

#8 Reviews

#8 Reviews
#8 Reviews

This is perhaps one of the most established dating sites in Australia. If you are a sugar daddy and you are seeking a sugar baby, this is the most convenient site. The site encourages rich men to show off themselves. Such confidence is what attracts sugar babies to them.

The sugar babies on this dating site are gorgeous. This is what many men want. As a man, you need to treat them with the utmost respect and romance, i.e., shower them with gifts.

This site encourages all your, intelligent and beautiful ladies to date rich and capable men regardless of their age. This way, they’ll earn respect, luxury and they’ll not be hurt.


What do you get at

There are plenty of young and beautiful sugar babies for interested sugar daddies. On the other hand, sugar daddies on this site/app are rich and ready to spoil their young tender flowers – sugar babies.

Utmost safety is guaranteed because every member on the site is verified. The process is highly rigorous to ensure that not esteemed member falls prey of scammers

A highly responsive website and app. This allows you to have a perfect user-friendly experience

With more than ten years of experience of offering dating services, this app remains one of the favorite sugar daddy apps for college students.

#9 Reviews

#9 Reviews
#9 Reviews

The happy moment is a dating site that enables people to find the right types of relationships based on their aspirations as well as expectations. The app is straightforward – state what you want. This is either a suitor are a date.

#9 Reviews
#9 Reviews

The app is free, making signing up easy and hassle-free. Thus many college students can sign up. This site made it to the sugar daddy apps for college students for its numerous type’s relationships it offers. For instance, you can be on it for just casual dating, travel companion, open relationship, or to make friends.

We understand that sugar daddies like an open relationship. Some have more than sugar babies. They pamper by giving luxuries or taking to places you have never been before. His site makes it possible to enjoy sugar daddies-sugar baby relationships.


How do happy moments work?

Once you sign up, the dashboard is straightforward. You’ll notice that this site does not have many fancy features making it easier for you to concentrate on finding a date.

You can see all the members online. Otherwise, you can filter to what you want to see.


The uniqueness of happy moments

Happy moments are open to all types of relationship. There is no discrimination or restrictions to members joining, provided they have a valid and verifiable email. The best part is that it offers one-night stand types of relationships.

Dating advice. Few app/site can take their time to advise members on how to locate a suitor/date. This site has crafted mean to help you get it right. These incidences the chances of time-wasting.

Seamless chatting environment. Besides, profiles are verified to ensure that people on this site are legitimate.

Due to the less strict registration process, some profiles tend to be fake on this app.

#10 Coffee Meets Bagel Review

#10 Coffee Meets Bagel Review
#10 Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Coffee meet bagel is a dating platform that allows you to meet your match with a short time. Thanks to the intelligent algorithm, every member receives a list of suggested matches at noon every day. Note that the algorithm is ever-changing. This implies that the accuracy of the matches you receive is very high.

A fascinating feature of this app is how easy it is to install. Just enter your mobile phone number, and you’ll are allowed to download the app.

#10 Coffee Meets Bagel Review
#10 Coffee Meets Bagel Review

Creating profiles requires accuracy and some patience. All profiles are detailed so that, you can assess the capabilities and interests of every person by just taking a glance at the site. When you share the truth about yourself, it makes it easier to get people like you.

What I liked most about this app, it that it encourages its members to hit to the chase. Stop meaningful conversations and state what you want. If you are in for a one night stand; say it. The conversations are personalized and secure.


Sugar daddy apps for college students are numerous. It is just a matter of picking the right one. It is only with the right app that you will find the best experience. Sugar daddy–sugar baby relationships require open-minded individuals. An app that openly allows such relationships makes everything easier. This review is an excellent eye-opener for daters in those categories.

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